Friday, September 28, 2007

1st day of school

This is a regular old cd......I decorated it and put magnets on the back for a girl here at work whos daughter just started school. My friend Cathy had done one of these several months ago and I just thought it was the cutest idea. I have been wanting to do one, I even ran out and bought some magnet backing, but never got around to it. When my co-worker showed me this picture of her daughter on her first day of school I just thought it was so cute, so I asked her to send it to me in e-mail. She never asked me why, she knows that In creative, I have done several lay outs for her. So I did this and brought it in to give to her but she is off work until Monday. Anyways just thought that I would share. Its really simple and a great gift!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well this is what I wanted to accomplish today, a family picture with all of us in Bears Jerseys. Today was a family day and Im so glad that everyone came over and was cooperative enough to take pictures. I even made them all go outside so that we could have an outdoor picture. So from left to right:
Starting the front row, my nephew Kenny, my neice Jesica, my daughter Mariah, my son R.J.
Back row:
My dad Ken, my mom Sharon, my brother Keith, me and my brother Kenny.
This is my family. Im still sitting here watching the bears so I cant post and tell you that they have won....Im hoping....but we are in the 3rd quarter and it is tied 10 to 10. They are playing the Cowboys!
9-24 update, well they lost......I dont remember the ending score, 30 something to 10. I was too tired after the game to update last night.


Well here we are Sunday morning, still recouping from Friday night. I didnt get to bed until 3:00 am. The party was a success. Mariah had alot of fun. At first she was real worried that people werent going to show up because it started at 6:00 and knowone was there. Well.....8:00 was about the time that most of the kids started showing up. It was pretty quiet in the club house for awhile. Once good old mom stepped out the music cranked and dancing started. I didnt leave, I just went outside. I figured they all needed there space and mom might be putting a damper on things. Sure enough I sat outside and could see through the window, they were really "CRUMPIN" as Mariah would say. I dont know what the slang is in the year 2007, but apparently that is a dance name, crumpin. Even though at the end of the evening I had to give a total of 10 kids a ride home, all in all it was a good turn out and she had fun.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ok, well I dont have pictures yet, but thought that I would post and did I get myself into this? Tomorrow Im taking half a day off work to PREPARE for this party for my daughter. I initially printed out 20 invites, thats what she told me she wanted......well little did I know that not only was she going to hand these out, but she was also going to tell people by word of mouth and over the computer as well. So I never laid the ground rules for her....MY BAD! Now I have no idea how many kids Im going to expect. How do I order pizza? How much pop? Is the cake that I ordered going to be big enough? Mariah said that she was nervous last night, I think some of it is rubbing off on me now. BREATH DEEP CARLA, it will be ok. All she wanted was a basket ball for the courts by our place so that they can shoot hoops, her sterio with music and thats all. She told me that they will all just chill. OK so we will see what this is all about tomorrow night. Stay tuned for an update saturday along with pictures!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New car

Well we bit the bullett and found my daughter a car. She is turning 16 this weekend and will take her road test Nov 5th. We got this car, ford Escort Sport from a friend of mine who works at an Auto parts yard, they rebuilt the motor in this about 4 months ago and they have been trying to sell it, they knocked thr price down to sell it to us, so we are very happy with it. Mariah is just in love. Its her CAR! Shes all over it, sitting in it, making sure that its clean.....just really totally in love right now. Lets just say thats a pretty sweet "SWEET 16 birthday gift"

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Here is the page that I did for OWL.......The word this time around was PURE. I have had this picture of my GF's DD for several months now and I kept looking at it not really knowing what I wanted to do. So when they presented this challenge, I just had to use this picture and title it PURE INNOCENCE. I didnt have time to work on this at all until last night and the deadline was last night. Not to mention I played taxi cab mom intbetween working on this for two teenagers. Thank goodness the movie theater and video stores are close by. LOL

Well Cathy and I took Mariah out today to take some pictures.......I have been wanting to do this for awhile but Mariah has been a little reluctent. Being typical 16, she is a little camera shy and doesnt want to have her picture taken at all. I had to guilt her into doing this...and trust me I put the guilt on pretty thick. She couldnt say no to was a beautiful day today. A little chilly but sunny and nice. So we headed off downtown to find an alley with a brick wall.....then we headed to the beach and took some there, and then we headed to a corn field.....I think that for the afternoon of picture taking Cathy took over 300 pictures.

It was alot of fun. Her and I even got down into the sand and were goofing around letting Mariah take pictures of us. So here are a few pictures of our day of photography. Thanks for a great day of fun filled picture taking Cathy. Mariah did tell me that it wasnt as bad as she thought that it would be, and she likes alot of the pictures that were taken!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

New beginnings

Here is another page that I did for the same girl that I did the ALHOA page for. This is her mother who is engaged to be married. Its her moms b-day in a week or so and she sent me these pictures and I asked me to do a lay out for her. I will again put this in a 12x12 frame. I had fun with this one, its the first time that I have actually pulled out my stamps and worked with them. I bought stamps, and just basic black ink and brown ink and the acrylic blocks and cleaning stuff....etc....but just never used them. Well I have now invested in other colored inks and I will start using these more. It was fun!

Friday, September 7, 2007


Here is a page that I did this week for a friend here at work. This is her husbands grandmother, and it is her birthday this weekend. They wanted to give her something personal....what do you give 90 something year old person? Kari and her husband have asked me to do several of these in the past and they keep coming back. For one its a very personal gift, and I put them in a 12x12 frame that you can get at Michaels. Im working on another one for her for her mother and her mothers fiance. I dont have to have this page done for two weeks though.
I dont mind doing things like this for other people now and then...and making a little extra cash on the side as well. Takes me a couple of hours to put a page together for someone, and they always love them and think that they are great gifts.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy Labor Day

Well here we are a couple of days before school starts for my kids. Where did the summer go? What did we do? Not a whole heck of alot. No vacation, couldnt afford anything really. Now the summer is gone and its back to school for the kids. Now hopefully my life will settle down just a little you can see I did a page about balance for the OLW blog. I have some pretty interesting journaling on this one that you can read on under croppincarla. Here I am just posting the page....I love the way that it turned out. Its funny though, I look at it and I see a bit of my friend Cathy's style in this page. Thanks for the inspiration Cathy, you know I love your pages. When I had my DD take pictures so that I could have a picture to do this page, I initially thought it would be funny to try and balance two plates in my hands and make funny faces......she must have taken about 50 pictures like that I hated every single one of them. So I decided upon a serious one instead.