Friday, September 7, 2007


Here is a page that I did this week for a friend here at work. This is her husbands grandmother, and it is her birthday this weekend. They wanted to give her something personal....what do you give 90 something year old person? Kari and her husband have asked me to do several of these in the past and they keep coming back. For one its a very personal gift, and I put them in a 12x12 frame that you can get at Michaels. Im working on another one for her for her mother and her mothers fiance. I dont have to have this page done for two weeks though.
I dont mind doing things like this for other people now and then...and making a little extra cash on the side as well. Takes me a couple of hours to put a page together for someone, and they always love them and think that they are great gifts.


Cricket said...

That is such a great layout and how awesome will that be as a gift!!

Cool on scrapping for others and earning a few extra bucks in the process, always a bonus!!


Tracey said...

I love the addition of the lace on this one.