Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well this is what I wanted to accomplish today, a family picture with all of us in Bears Jerseys. Today was a family day and Im so glad that everyone came over and was cooperative enough to take pictures. I even made them all go outside so that we could have an outdoor picture. So from left to right:
Starting the front row, my nephew Kenny, my neice Jesica, my daughter Mariah, my son R.J.
Back row:
My dad Ken, my mom Sharon, my brother Keith, me and my brother Kenny.
This is my family. Im still sitting here watching the bears so I cant post and tell you that they have won....Im hoping....but we are in the 3rd quarter and it is tied 10 to 10. They are playing the Cowboys!
9-24 update, well they lost......I dont remember the ending score, 30 something to 10. I was too tired after the game to update last night.


Cricket said...

Such a drag they lost..ugh! Nice "Bears" family picture!!


Cathy said...

Great photo of the family Carla!

Yea, I heard Joe in the other room screaming bad words so I knew they lost!

AliciaSharp said...

Great photo Carla! Sorrt your bears lost! Maybe they will do better next time!

Wati Basri said...

great pic...oh no they lost??!! darn!!

iris said...

What a great photo Carla!! Can't wait to see the LO you will be creating with this photo:)