Saturday, September 15, 2007


Here is the page that I did for OWL.......The word this time around was PURE. I have had this picture of my GF's DD for several months now and I kept looking at it not really knowing what I wanted to do. So when they presented this challenge, I just had to use this picture and title it PURE INNOCENCE. I didnt have time to work on this at all until last night and the deadline was last night. Not to mention I played taxi cab mom intbetween working on this for two teenagers. Thank goodness the movie theater and video stores are close by. LOL

Well Cathy and I took Mariah out today to take some pictures.......I have been wanting to do this for awhile but Mariah has been a little reluctent. Being typical 16, she is a little camera shy and doesnt want to have her picture taken at all. I had to guilt her into doing this...and trust me I put the guilt on pretty thick. She couldnt say no to was a beautiful day today. A little chilly but sunny and nice. So we headed off downtown to find an alley with a brick wall.....then we headed to the beach and took some there, and then we headed to a corn field.....I think that for the afternoon of picture taking Cathy took over 300 pictures.

It was alot of fun. Her and I even got down into the sand and were goofing around letting Mariah take pictures of us. So here are a few pictures of our day of photography. Thanks for a great day of fun filled picture taking Cathy. Mariah did tell me that it wasnt as bad as she thought that it would be, and she likes alot of the pictures that were taken!


Cathy said...

We had a great time, didn't we. Mariah was such a good girl too! Thank her for me.!!! : )

Love that picture of Mariah with the seaguls flying off....
Lets do this again soon.

Tracey said...

Your pics are absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful spot to take photos. You must be pleased.

That LO is just gorgeous, btw.

Cricket said...

What a beautiful layout Carla!! Love all the pics you guys took over the weekend, looks like it was alot of fun!! Your daughter is just georgeous!


Wati Basri said...

lovely layout!
love how you mixed the flowers with the flourishes....might used that style in my future layout. can I?

Grandma said...

Nice looking grandson, hair and all. Mom looks great too!!!!