Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ok, well I dont have pictures yet, but thought that I would post and did I get myself into this? Tomorrow Im taking half a day off work to PREPARE for this party for my daughter. I initially printed out 20 invites, thats what she told me she wanted......well little did I know that not only was she going to hand these out, but she was also going to tell people by word of mouth and over the computer as well. So I never laid the ground rules for her....MY BAD! Now I have no idea how many kids Im going to expect. How do I order pizza? How much pop? Is the cake that I ordered going to be big enough? Mariah said that she was nervous last night, I think some of it is rubbing off on me now. BREATH DEEP CARLA, it will be ok. All she wanted was a basket ball for the courts by our place so that they can shoot hoops, her sterio with music and thats all. She told me that they will all just chill. OK so we will see what this is all about tomorrow night. Stay tuned for an update saturday along with pictures!


Cricket said...

Take a deep breath and relax, it will all be fine....teens are flexible, they will have a great time at her party!! Remember, take a ton of pics!!


Wati Basri said...

don't worry the party will go just fine! :) and can't wait to see the pics.....

btw...thanks for dropg by at my blog :)