Monday, October 22, 2007


Here is Mariah in her homecoming dress, which I think is an awesome color on her. Im so glad that she didnt want to get a black dress.......she wore black last year and she tends to lean towards black alot. But when we found this dress I told her "THATS IT!"
She had a great time.......and she was the one responsible for pictures, I wasnt there to take them because I had previous plans. There werent very many taken of just her, most of the ones were taken with her and her friends. Amy is her best friend and they went to homecoming together, without BOYS!
She did tell me that one of her friends took a bunch of pictures at her house infront of a fire place but we have to wait for them to get developed.
So after the dance they went to the local Ihop for breakfast and it just so happened that dear old mom was on her way home going past the Ihop as she was having breakfast. So I stopped in the parking lot to spy, only I couldnt just sit there and watch...oh no.....not me.....I had to get out of the car and embarress her....LOL.
I went up to the window outside and she was facing me at the table and I knocked on the window to get her attention and when she looked up I started blowing kisses to her! I thought she was going to die! She covered her face and was so embarressed. Well thats what moms are for right?


iris said...

Carla!!!! I was really laughing while reading your post!!! Goodness you did that??!! haha. Mariah is so beautiful! You were really proud huh? I can just imagine you out there spying on her... and then actually getting out of the car to knock on the window and blow kisses!! LOL! I'll probably do the same when Nicole gets to Mariah's age :)I'll save this post and show her and tell her ... "see I'm not the only one!"

Cathy said...

That is a hoot! I'm laughing right now.

She looks stunning! I love the color on her too. Glad she bought that one.

Edleen said...

gorgeous girls! what a beautiful dress and the colour too :)

pat said...

Carla - that is just too funny - I can picture you blowing kisses. Just remember paybacks are heck!

Also, love the color on Mariah.

Wati Basri said...

carla!u so funny....can't imagine what's Mariah's reaction..anyway I would do that!!!
and Mariah look gorgeous!

Tracey said...

I can't believe you did that??? Too funny. Love that dress, btw. What a gorgeous girl you have.