Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What does Peace mean to you?
Does anyone know what Brighton is?
Brighton jewelry, Brighton shoes, purses, belts, fashion accessories? Well I just found out about Brighton. I saw a woman at the crop that I was at over the weekend and she had on this bracelet that I just kept eyeballing, I loved the look of it and I finally asked her where she got it and she told me that it was the Peace Brighton bracelet. So I went on a mission and surfed the net and found the web site and fell in love. I LOVE this jewelry and this bracelet is my first purchase.

With the bracelet I received a booklet about the word peace and quotes from different people. I will be adding to this every day so that we can all see what the word peace means to others.

It isnt enough to talk about peace. One must beleive in it. And it isnt enough to believe in it. One must work on it. Elanor Roosevelt.

10/13/05 ok here is a second piece that I just got of Brighton jewelry. This is a necklace that I have been eyeballing....and just happened to walk into a store this weekend, and BAM there it was. Of course I couldnt walk away from it....I am so bad!


Linda said...

This is gorgeous!!!
Peace to me is an understanding of all people, cultures, ideals and values. More than an understanding it is a willingness and longing to live amongst all these differences and still be confident in yourself.

Cricket said...

Love the bracelet! Yep, heard of Brighton way to much LOL..I think I should own stock in them, they have the most fabulous bags!! Did ya know there is a Brighton store at Old Orchard!!


Anne Magee said...

I love that bracelet!