Friday, November 30, 2007

Scrapfreak blog challange

What are your...

5 favorite paper manufacturers? Rusty Pickle, Amerrican Crafts, Basic Gray, Scenic Route, Cherry Arte

4 favorite things to scrap? Things....this is a pretty broad question, things as in pictures, or things as in altered items. My favorite pictures to scrap are of my daughter Mariah, because I LOVE doing girlie pages. My favorite things to alter are chip board mini albumns right now. Love to scrap Sophia too, my GF's DD. And I also like to scrap and do 12x12 pages for other people to give as gifts in 12x12 frames.

3 favorite techniques? Inking, stamping, rub ons.

2 favorite trends of the moment? Mini chip board albums, rub ons.

1 favorite reason to scrapbook? I love the peacefulness of it, the calm and relaxation that it gives me to sit here and create. I love the on line friends that I have made.....its alot of fun to talk to other people out there that love doing this as much as I do. Seeing others work and getting inspired from it as well.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Dear Friend Patricia

Look at these goodies. My on line Pen Pal Scrap Pal Patricia from Brazil sent me a goodie package in the mail....she is such a sweetheart. I received alot of chipboard because she knows that Im a chip board freak. I received some flowers, some cute little embellishments, some PP from her store SCRAPDIARY......some buttons and this cute little embroidered owl that I cant wait to use. She also did a page of me, this was a picture that was taken of me when I was in Arizona visiting my parents in Feb 2007 and this was at the Grand Canyon. I love this PAGE! So Im here to say thanks to a great friend and there is a box in the mail on the way to you!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday DEAL

Ok so call me selfish is you must.....but yesterday I shopped for myself. I didnt really have any so called plans to go get anything....but just basically took the day as it came at me. Cathy and I went to the LSS (local scrap book store) and used a coupon that we had for 40% off one item, and then they had 20% off all of their scrap book supplies. Then we went to Joanne fabris because their fleece was on sale real cheap and I got fleece to make 2 blankets. After that we went back to her house where I sat and worked on a few things and she worked on a lay out that she is doing. I was then gonna head home but changed my mind. I stopped at a few places, didnt really need anything but then decided to go see Mariah at work. Well I got in to the store, Sketchers and found a pair of boots that I want so she put them on hold for me so that I can get the family 50% off Dec 3rd through the 7th. Well she made some comment about going over to the coach store because she went over there on her lunch and they have some really cute purses. Well I like to look but have never bought. I have always wanted one but would never spend that kind of money on a purse for me. Ok so I just so happened to be standing right there when one of the sales girls walked out of the back room and said to another girl...look what I found......she was holding a really cute brown suade purse. I heard the other one say..." Oh I think someone exchanged that purse today." So I watched her walk over to the clearance table and set it down and walk away. I was right there so I picked it up......and as I was looking at it I caught two women eye balling me...watching me like a hawk......see there was the same purse on this table but in a burgandy color. Not me..I like brown. So I walked around with the purse on my arm....the price was well worth it to me......on clearance first of all and then an additional 20% off. The purse cost me $118.00. Now thats a bargin. In the mean time I could see these two women still eye balling me and then they grabbed a sales lady and started pointing to me and the purse asking her if they had anymore brown. In the back of my mind I knew I scored....and so wanted to rub it in their face that I GOT THE LAST BROWN ONE....HAA HAA. But Im not mean like that. So off I went to pay for I have a coach purse for fall and winter and I love it! Thats my Bargain for the day!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Here is a page that I did for SCRAPFREAK and a contest that they are running this month. The month of Nov is 11, I had to use 11 embellishments 3 times.
Tim Holtz grungeboard letter T with a heart and a swirl which I embossed using my quickutz goosebumps. Magic mesh is behind the letter T. The flower in the left corner is a Petaloo flower that is chocolate colored with some glitter. The rest of the word is Scenic Route letters that I used alcohol ink on to give them a different color then the actual orange that they were. I printed the things I was thankful for out on my computer, cut them, inked the edges and attached with 11 flower brads. The Little flowers on the right side of the picture are prima flowers and there are 11 of them, and then I added little bling stones to the flowers, so there are 11 of those as well. I also did a little stickles on the lighter tan flowers and the underline under the words that are the things that Im thankful for. There was a little stitching in this as well under the flowers on the right hand side but I didnt like it too much so thats why the flowers cover most of it up. Wow this lay out took me some time, but I love the way that it turned out. TFL

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My brothers tattoo

We spent the afternoon saturday with my brother while he got a tattoo. This is something he designed himself, and its just the outline of it right now. He still needs to get color added and names. He is putting my mom and dads name, my name and my brothers name in the ribbon of it somewhere. But thought that I would just share the picture of his arm after all was said and done. Doesnt it look like it hurts?

Friday, November 16, 2007

SCRAPFREAK 11 things Im Thankful for:

Ok Scrapfreak gave us a challange today to list 11 things that we are thankful for:

Here are mine:
Im Thankful to have:

My health.....I dont have any issues with my health right now and Im always Thankful for that.
My kids......I am so thankful to have my two kids in my life, I dont know what I would do without them.
My Home......even though we live in an apartment which is not the ideal thing that I want for me and my kids, I am thankful that we have a roof over our heads and that we are comfortable.
My Family.....I am thankful to have my family. My mom and dad being married for 43 years to this day, my two brothers, my nieces and nephews and my aunt and cousin....I love them all dearly.
My Friends.....Well this is probably very important to me because I dont know what I would do without my friends. They are always there for me through thick and through thin, I can count on them when I need them to cry on a shoulder or to laugh with.
My job.....Even though there are days that I hate it and I wish that I didnt have to work, Im thankful that I have a job. Without a job I would not be able to support me and my kids.
My attitude......This is kind of hard to explain, but after everything that I have been through I have to say that I am thankful to have a darn good attitude about life right now at my age.
My pets.....Im Thankful to have my two cats.......I love them to death and they bring such joy to my life at times when the house is empty, I can reply on them to talk to.
My car.....Im Thankful for my car continuing to run ok for me and not give me too much headache cause I dont know what Im going to do when something does happen to it.
My LSS......for those of you that dont know what LSS stands for....LOCAL SCRAP BOOK STORE.......I dont know what I would do if I didnt have one near me.....LOL
Finally I want to say that Im thankful for all the bloggers that are here visiting me to see what Im thankful for! Hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Ok I did this page over the weekend and its basically all Creative Imaginiations product.....there is a contest out on Pubcalls that I thought I would enter......and so I played around with this paper and stuff. Not sure if I will enter or not......anyways this is my daughter goofing around taking pictures of herself......she does that sometimes to get different pictures to put on her MY SPACE at home. I will go through her pictures and pull one out and then scrap it. Since she wont let me take pictures of her. My son is just as bad. Here is another page that I did of him over the weekend. This is him in Augt for his 14 b-day showing all the cash that he got. And of course he went out and spend it all right away on a new MP3 player. Now he wishes he had waited because the new IPOD is out! LOL. Anyways just thought that I would share a couple pages that I did over the weekend. I have more but I cant get the scan to come out roght. Infact this one of RJ is not good either, but the other ones are worse.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mini Maya Road ablum

Well here is the reveal.........for those of you that dont post to scrapfreak.....where I loaded this to the gallery, here is the finished mini album.......
I love the way that it turned out. I loved this line by K & Co. It was alot of fun to work with. So now Im hooked...I love thise little mini albums.......and Im already started on another one. LOL.
I presented this to my GF last night at dinner for her b-day, and she loved it! Everyone at the table loved it and there were alot of questions about how I did it since none of them are hard to the core scrappers like me! LOL. Thanks for taking the time to look.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Ok well just thought that I would leave a quick post here...its FRIDAY...FREAKIN Friday I might add. When work is over, its time to go home, pack my car and off to Lake Geneva for a weekend crop. Cant wait! Oh and for those of you that love to check out scrap booking web sites......check this one out:

Its my new home away from the site, the message board and all the girls that I have met so far are just wonderful! Its very busy over there and everyone is real friendly. I had spent the last UMMMMM like 7 month or so at and the time that I spent there was nice, met alot of great gals......I have my gallery there with most of my lay outs, but DRAMA started and I had to leave. I dont recommend even checking out that site right now......scrapfreak is where you want to go! Now mind you, Im new to this site as well, but I have checked out their store and WOWSERS......they have quite the selection......

Anyways, throwing a little TOOT there way......Im working and then going away for the weekend when I leave here. Oh and UMMMMMM with Mariah just getting her DL Monday, and now Im out of town......well.....its a little nerve racking to say the least, but what am I going to do? Ground her and not let her drive while Im gone? Im only like 30 minutes away if she needs me......

I trust her.....and I have laid rules out, and she will be avaialbe for her brother as well this weekend if he needs something or needs to go somewhere which is a little load off my shoulders.

Anyways I will say goodbye for now, have a great weekend and OH YEH I almost mini album will be done and posted Monday so dont forget to come back and check it out!

Monday, November 5, 2007

She did it, she passed her road test and got a job

All in one day. Took Mariah to the DMV this morning. Poor thing, she has been so nervous all weekend. I told her to not worry so much I knew she woulkd do fine. So this morning I came to work, left her at home......picked her up at 8:20 and headed to the DMV. Not realizing that they didnt open until 8:45, but I had scheduled her road test for 8:40 so I was a little confused. Anyways, not to bad once we got inside, we were almost one of the first people in line. Filled some paperwork out and waited for the instructor to come get her......and off she went. I guess on the driven test you are allowed to have up to 25 points taken from you on mistakes that you make. She had 9 points taken not too bad right? Anyways here are just a couple of pictures. Then this afternoon she went for her first job interview and got a job at Sketchers outlet mall. Can you say MAMMA needs a discount!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sneak Peak

Ok here is the front page of my first mini album that I have been working on. I have 10 pages done so far.....and wanted to just share the first page until Im completely done. I love this line by K&Co Wild Saffron. I am having so much fun with it. I love the colors and all the little embellishments that I bought with this line are just too cute. Anyways check back with me in another week or so and I will have it all done and will be able to show the whole thing!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Wow this year has just flown by. I can not beleive that it is already November. Thank God its Friday. Im half way through the work day and cant wait for it to be over, Im starting to get a headache and Im getting tired. Would love to go home and take a nap. That sounds so nice right now. But I have to finish my day out. When I get home I have to make a fleece blanket for one of my brothers as we will be seeing him tomorrow and I have had the fleece at my house for like 2 weeks already. I have like 5 different projects going on right now in my scrap space and would like to finish one or two of them tonight. Thought I would post another older page that I had done awhile ago, just to keep some pages rolling on my blog.....This is a lay out that I did over a month ago, but its funny because Monday my DD goes for her final drivers test in her car and could possibly get her license if she passes! So its fitting that I should post this page on here today. We have the weekend to get her ready, and then watch out WORLD!
Oh and she is probably going to want to kill me but I will be taking my camera to the DMV with me Monday too.......LOL
Have a good weekend.

Ok here is another page that I just finished tonight. This is for a lift challange that I did for a scrap booking web site. So I lifted this off of one of the other members, I send it to the next person in line, she will lift it off of me...there are currently about 8 of us now,. Once we have all lifted each others lay outs we will post them all with the original lift that I took out of the gallery. Should be interesting to see all the different takes on it.