Friday, January 18, 2008

Scrap freak blog challange firsts!

What was your first...
1. concert? Prince
2. car? Pinto
3. job? filing clerk
4. scrapbook layout about? my DD
5. grade teacher's name? I dont remember this.
6. pet? A dog but I dont remember her name.
7. vacation as an adult? Texas
8. boyfriend's name? Mark
9. living arrangement after moving out of your parents' home?
Moved in with my best friend Cathy.
10. scrapbook message board to be a member on? Scraplovers


Cricket said...

fun trivia about you!


Heredia Family/Yvie said...

love your answers. I always wanted to see Prince in concert. DH saw him and said it was awesome.

Lisa said...

You and Cathy even lived together? How cool is that? My bf in highschool also drove a Pinto. Wacky car! ;)

Katz said...

I have always wanted a dog but so far we have always had cats instead. Lucky you. :)