Friday, February 29, 2008


My home away from home is a year old........
This is where I find my inspiration, do a little shopping, and CHAT with lots of friends that I have made.....
They are having a big B-day bash this weekend to celebrate and I cant wait to get involved and party with the FREAKS!!!!!
Stop in and say hello and wish them a happy b-day if you get a chance!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Saturday 2/23

Just a day out with the girls, we went to an antique mall, then for lunch, then cocktails........lots of laughs.....lots of pictures......lots of fun!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Surgery day

Well today Mariah finally got her tonsils out that have been causing her problems for a few years now. Its been a long road with strep throats, tonsilitis, snoring and just BIG tonsils.
She started this morning playing guitar hero on xbox.....I bought this for her brother a couple of weeks ago and she is totally hooked.
Off to the hospital we went at 8:30. When I pulled my camera out in the waiting area before she went in she hid from me behind a folder......wouldnt let me take her picture. But once she was in the bed getting prepped for surgery she gave up on fighting me taking pictures. So here are a few of my baby having surgery today. Shes doing well....but Im concerned that shes talking too much and she will be in pain tomorrow. She has alot of friends calling her, and she has two friends over now visiting. They are trying to get to not talk, but if you know Mariah she is very there is nothing to stop her from talking.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bo Bunny LOVE album

Here is the Bo Bunny album that I did for Mariah. She picked the papers out with me one day at archivers, and a few other embellishments. SHE LOVES IT......when she got home this evening and saw that I was taking pictures of it she rushed in here and wanted to look at the whole thing. She doesnt have school tomorrow but cant wait to take it Thursday and show it off to her friends. I was happy to make it for her, it was alot of fun. I love these albums.

Moms surgery went well

My dad just called, she is out and in recovery. Its 5:00 my time......PHEEEWWWW now I can feel a bit better, I have been nervous all day.
Apparently the Dr said that its a good thing that they got to her hip because it was in really bad shape. Thats all I isnt much of a phone he just wanted to give me an update and then get off the phone. Besides that he HATES hospitals so I know hes just jumpy right now. Ok more later as I hear more.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday update

No pictures right now, but hopefully after tonight I will be able to post the Bo-Bunny LOVE album that I worked on this weekend and didnt quite finish.

ITS freezing here in Wisconsin with zero below temps and they are predicting more snow tonight 4-6 inches.....YUCK!

Need some well wishes for my mom who is going into surgery tomorrow afternoon to have her hip replaced. She is in Arizona for the winter months and surrounded by alot of friends that are there to help her. But being her daughter I wish I could be there for her too.......I worry of course, this is a HUGE surgery....and I always worry when someone gets put under....its scarey!

Today she is meeting with a physical therapist that will help her learn the basics of what her therapy will be like after the surgery, from learning how to get up and down from the toilet, and other things that we all take for granted, she will be in pain while healing.....

So please send good thoughts your way.........Im sure tomorrow I will be a nervous wreck until I know that she has made it out of surgery!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Come back again some other day.
And we wonder why we have the winter blues? I wonder why Im so tired when I get home from work and dont want to do anything but either take a nap, or turn the tv on and stay there the rest of the night, curled up in my bed.....
I posted the BEACH lay out with my son thinking that it would brighten my didnt do anything....
12.5 inches of snow is what they said in my area that we supposably got yesterday on top of the snow that we already had on the ground. So you can only imagine. I was out running around this morning....DR appointments and trying to get the kids to school and took my camera with me and snapped some pictures. So here you go....enjoy.....for those of you that WANT snow...think TWICE!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thinking warm thoughts

Since we are having so much snow this winter.....and its cold and gray and I have the winter blues....I have to think warm thoughts. Im so tired of this weather......Im sick of the snow, the cold the rain, the in order to think warm happy thoughts I am posting one of my favorite pages of my son when we were in Ixtapa Mexico back in 1998....this was 10 years ago and he was almost 5 years old.....WHAT A LITTLE CUTTIE.....the beach, the water, the boats in the back thats what I call warm....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cathy and Joe

Ok, so I asked Cathy for this picture of her and Joe in Ixtapa this past Jan 2008. She printed a copy of it. I knew I wanted to do a "FRIENDS page" for my friends and family album with this picture. I was at Cathys house saturday and had to meet my mechanic to pick up my car, which was about a 5 minute drive from the LSS....
I told Cathy that I was gonna go to the LSS (she had already been that morning.) When I got back to her house I told her that I only bought some Luxe rub ons...but........I actually bought some of this NEW line by Making Memories called the 5th Ave. Sophia. Because I wanted to do this page of her and Joe, I didnt want to tell her that I was going to do it with this line. So its kind of a surprise. I love how the big flower turned out. This is one of those pages that took me all day Sunday to do, inbetween dishes, laundry, cooking...etc.
Hope you like it Cathy!
PS the date on the tag says FEB...I know I know, I need to fix that to say JAN.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

2008 photo of the day

LOL Im slacking in this photo of the day...
Ok so I took pictures a few weeks ago of my fall decorations still on my pumpkin was deflated and the other was still alive.....and trying to survive. Well here is it a few weeks later, still havent taken care of clearing this stuff Knowone sees it but me and the kids. I probably should get my son to put this stuff in a garbage bag and get it out of here, just not something that I ever think about doing...