Monday, March 31, 2008

Srping Break is over and Im exhausted! LOL

Just a picture of me on one of my road trips...and yes I took it myself....while driving...LOL
I wanted to take a few days off, spend time with the kids and just chill. But one thing led to another. Wed 3-26 was hair cuts, dentist appointments and cleaning house. Thursday 3-27 was spent on the road driving to a huge mall to basically walk around the mall all day to the point of my feet and back hurting and then drive home. Friday 3-28 was driving to Indiana, my Aunt (my moms sister) had her hip replaced and was in the Hospital. My cousin Nancy who is my a REAL trip to deal with....and it was a long DRAMA........stressful day for me. I didnt get home until well after midnight that night. Saturday 3-29 I should have stayed home just to have a (me mental day) but instead I hopped in the car and drove to Madison WI to the Midwest scrap book convention which was a 2 hours drive and SO NOT WORTH IT. Well I had pre-odered some chip board albums that I wanted to pick up, but they could have been shipped to me too.......that was a long drive there and back. Sunday 3-30 I had other things to do, groceries, laundry, dishes. I made two fleece blankets and got a blister on my hands from cutting. Dinner...and then the rest of the evening I chilled in my room with TV. Im still so tired though and think that when I get home after work I need a nap. LOL
Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Hair cut

Ok for those of you that know me, I have been trying to grow my hair out for quite some time now....I have had short hair since I was out of high school. I have tried to grow it out in the past with no success. Well I decided to try it again just for a change......I have to say that I made it pretty far....but I just wasnt digging it.
I couldnt style it for crap.......I hated it when it was windy out and flew all over the place especially in my face...that just bugged the crap out of me. Took too long in the morning to blow dry...and I leave myself little time in the morning, so that just aggrevated me even more.
So I cut it short again. Today I walked in to my girl and said....CHOP IT OFF.....she totally laughed at me and told me that she had a feeling that I was going to cut it......
Shes been helping me grow it out and keep it shaped, but when I walked in there today she told me that she knew what I was going to do.
Im so much happier with it. I totally love having it short again. Besides summer is around the corner...who wants to mess with a longer hair style? Not me.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I love you

This is a lay out that I did for a co-worker that will give it to her uncle for a gift for their wedding. Every once in a while people will ask me to do a FRAME for them and I get a 12x12 frame at Michaels and just do a lay out and put it in the frame and sell them. So this is one that I did over the weekend.

Saturday 3-22-08 was spent with Cathy and we met a couple of board members from Scrapfreak at the local scrap book store Hannahs. We had never met Laura and Charlotte before, just have talked to them on the message board. It was great to finally meet the girls......Charlotte also has a local friend that met her there by the name of Louise, and we had a ball walking around the store talking and shopping. When that was all said and done we went to a little Mexican resteraunt down the block for lunch. It was a nice afternoon eating and drinking, chatting with the girls and getting to know them......we really had a nice time.

Ok......this page for some reason was really hard for me to do...I think it was the fact that I was trying to use 6 pictures on this page......I did this for a contest that is on SCRAPFREAK.......I probably worked on this for well over a week....and there was one point in time that I actually threw everything away and had to start all over because I just did not like how it was turning out.
Im happy with this one.
This is Cathy and I several weeks ago, goofing around...when we went antiquing and to lunch at yet again another Mexican resteraunt and had some drinks. Im lucky to have a life long friend for over 23 years.......and that is what I did the page on....I AM LUCKY!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Its brand new, they are only on their second challenge so you have time to get something done for this one....
I was so excited to see that I won the first one.
I did it all for fun, since I love to do different challenges.....they make me do pages about other things besides my kids...LOL
So if you like to do different things, check out this blog!
Thanks for the inspiration girls!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Do you like Beef Jerky?

This is something that I started making many many years ago......I beleive that my dad started it...he was a huge beef jerky kind of guy years ago...and decided to buy himself a dehydrator and make his own. Well it turned out so yummy after he perfected it...that I just had to buy a dehudrator myself and start making my own. Its alot of work, and time consuming, but the end result is "WOW" Everyone that trys it that is a beef jerky fan states that its the best that they have ever store bought stuff can compare.
This batch that I made I added ALOT more pepper then usual and its a little spicey.....I seperated it in to sandwhich baggies and brought it in to work. Im selling it for $5.00 a bag.........
I made some last week for a girl here at work who paid me $50.00 for a batch of it to share with some people and send to a friend that is in Iraq at war right now in a care package. Thats what started this...other people caught wind that I was making it so I had to make another batch. Oh and then of course I caught hell from both of my kids for not leaving any for them this morning when I took it off the dehydrator. Mariah was mad...telling me that I always make this for other people and not them. I then received a text message from RJ this morning after I got to work and it said " What?????No beef jerky" So apparently he is upset that I didnt leave any at home for him as well. Looks like I may have to make some more!

This is what it looks like when it is marinating, which the more you marinate it the better the flavor. I tend to marinate it overnight.

Here is what it looks like when I lay it out on the dehydrator.

6 full trays of meat on the dehydrator.

Here is the left over marinate that was at the bottle of the bowl.

End result when it has dehydrated overnight.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Here is another lay out that I did over the weekend last weekend at my crop. I love this paper line by K & Company called URBAN...its so bright and fun to work with and I had a fun time creating this lay out. Here is what the journaling reads.
Mariah, one day you will look back at this picture of yourself and realize just how beautiful you are. Today at the age of 16 you dont see it, and hate having your picture taken. But trust me being your mother you are a beautiful young woman.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peak!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Un-official News but exciting!

I really have NO OFFICIAL details yet....but because I wanted to blog today about something I thought I would just ramble on here and just talk my own ear off! LOL

There is an online magazine that is not only publishing me but they have also asked me to be a part of their team for their magazine. Now.....this was pretty exciting for me. This on line magazine is NEW.....FRESH.......EXCITING and well I just cant wait for it to premier. And because it hasnt PREMIERED yet.......there really isnt anything for me to show you.

For those of you that know me, I dont submit my work.......not really. This was the first magazine that I ever submitted to, and I was excited to be asked to publish 3 of my layouts. I had also submitted to MM...on line idea gallery and they chose one of my lay outs as well if you read the post below.

But thats about it. I havent really submitted anything anywhere else.

So with that being will be exciting for me to be involved with this new upcoming online magazine that not only will have 3 of my lay outs in it, but I will possibly be working with the magazine as well in one form or another.

As I stated earlier, I dont have any details yet....I have just been asked. So as I get more info.....I will update....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Finally Finished

Well you can see on the right side that I have a slide show, right now I have the acrylic album that I have been working on for a month. I went to a crop in Lake Geneva over the weekend and one goal that I had was to get this album it is (ALMOST) done. I still have a little journaling to do on the back and to add ribbons to the rings and thats it.
Now besides getting the album done, I did get 3 12x12 layouts done as well. Here is one that I will share with you now of my son RJ. I took a picture of him last week knowing that I wanted to scrap a current page about him. So here it is, thanks for stopping by, will share the other layouts soon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Memory Makers TOOT!

When I got home tonight I received an e-mail from Memory Makers Magazine

I had submitted a lay out to their web site and they will be featuring this lay out in their on line gallery on March 16th. This will be the featured page idea on thier web site......
I was so excited about this. The e-mail also stated that they might feature my idea in the memory project idea e-mail that goes to all of their subscribers. Thats pretty big I think.....LOL
Anyways here is the lay out that they will be featuring. Check out their web site on March 16th and you will see my page there.......

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another B-Bunny LOVE album

Ok here is another Love album that I did for a friend of mine. I gave it to her yesterday and she just LOVED it.....her DD is turning 3 this month and this was kind of a little early b-day gift. They live about an hour away and I was going to visit them yesterday to spend the day with them and have lunch with her and her mom so I decided to get this done and bring it with me. Her mom was all over it too. She started scrapping several years ago....but just hasnt stuck with it. But shes interested in starting again and had alot of questions for me on the things that I do. She wants to start going to Archivers with a GF once a week to get back into it and I encouraged her to do it.....Shes in in 60's and told me that she needs to do something to keep hereself busy. I hope she starts up again...I told her that Im here if she has questions or wants some help.