Monday, March 17, 2008

Do you like Beef Jerky?

This is something that I started making many many years ago......I beleive that my dad started it...he was a huge beef jerky kind of guy years ago...and decided to buy himself a dehydrator and make his own. Well it turned out so yummy after he perfected it...that I just had to buy a dehudrator myself and start making my own. Its alot of work, and time consuming, but the end result is "WOW" Everyone that trys it that is a beef jerky fan states that its the best that they have ever store bought stuff can compare.
This batch that I made I added ALOT more pepper then usual and its a little spicey.....I seperated it in to sandwhich baggies and brought it in to work. Im selling it for $5.00 a bag.........
I made some last week for a girl here at work who paid me $50.00 for a batch of it to share with some people and send to a friend that is in Iraq at war right now in a care package. Thats what started this...other people caught wind that I was making it so I had to make another batch. Oh and then of course I caught hell from both of my kids for not leaving any for them this morning when I took it off the dehydrator. Mariah was mad...telling me that I always make this for other people and not them. I then received a text message from RJ this morning after I got to work and it said " What?????No beef jerky" So apparently he is upset that I didnt leave any at home for him as well. Looks like I may have to make some more!

This is what it looks like when it is marinating, which the more you marinate it the better the flavor. I tend to marinate it overnight.

Here is what it looks like when I lay it out on the dehydrator.

6 full trays of meat on the dehydrator.

Here is the left over marinate that was at the bottle of the bowl.

End result when it has dehydrated overnight.


Cathy said...

Mine is better!!!

(even though it was your recipe) : )

Your meat doesn't photograph all that well! : )

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

I LOVE beef jerky - but never tried making it myself. My sister used to make it - really yummy. HMMMM - Carla - sounds like it could be a business!!! Hit up those guys b/4 their hunting trips - they'w be all over it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I promise to update more!! AND YES - you totally have to join us to crop - or whatever we end up doing!!!

Edleen said...

Carla, you made those? Wow, must be Yummy! :)

i like the bbq~ed thin sliced ones. they're really delish! *wink*

Cricket said...

humm. not a fan of beef(not a meat eater LOL) but glad that people are loving your jerky, I bet it is fabulous!


Marci Knecht said...

You make it look and sound alot easier that it probably is! It really looks delicious, never mind what that Cathy says! LOL :)

Tracy Lathrop said...

YUMMYYYYY!!! I love beef jerky!! My Dad, when he was still alive, made beef jerky religiously!! It was the best ever! Now you have got me craving it Girl!! Lol!! It was a long process for sure and you don't get much for all the hard work so I think Dad had his dehydrator running 24/7 sometimes especially during hunting season!!

AliciaSharp said...

I love beef jerky! I could eat that stuff all day!

{monica} said...

Oh wow! I love beef jerky but have never had the nerve to make it. I bet it's awesome!

Maggie said...

i luv, luv luv jerky's, sending u my addy :)

-leafa mcbirdie said...

mmm... I love jerky -especially the peppered kind! I should probably get out the dehydrator and figure out how to make my own since I have all these hunters in my house and never know what to do with all the meat they bring home. :)

Anonymous said...

I love beef jerky!

That is so neat that you make it yourself!