Monday, May 12, 2008


Thanks for all the support on my QUITTING the bad habit. I had a ruff weekend, but Im back on track today Monday!
I was just out and about by myself saturday and went to a purse party where I had a couple of glasses of wine...well I slipped.
Yesterday (MOTHERS day wasnt much better) I had stress dealing with repairs to Mariahs car that came up unexpectedly........things happen.....and then Im in the middle of trying to move furniture in my room to make more room for scrapping......I have had this idea in my head for awhile and yesterday we finally tackled it because my X was around and between him and my son we were able to move some heavy pieces. But my room is still a complete mess. So this week my plan is to get it under control, and as I get it under control I am also going to tackle the all mightly scrap booking supplies that I need to get rid of......might as well kill two birds with one stone.


Cricket said...

Good luck on the purging of supplies and organizing! It will feel really great when you are done, just keep telling yourself that! LOL


Lisa said...

(((( Carla )))) Hang in there gf, you're doing great. Good luck getting all your SB stuff taken care of.

Edleen said...

Happy Organizing Carla!!!

Rachael said...

You can do it, girl!! Try to hang in there!! You are doing wonderful just taking that first step!!

Have fun purging!! That's always so much fun!

Linda said...

How's it going now Carla my girl?