Friday, May 9, 2008

Time to QUIT

Ok, So to make myself feel like Im really going to do it this time, I have decided to post on my blog about quitting smoking. And I am going to come out here and update it as time passes.
5-9-08 Smoke free for the first day. I put a nicotine patch on today. (this is what Im on)

Although I have to say I dont think that its doing too much. I could still go out right now at 12:30 in the afternoon and have a cig! Habit? Probably a big part of it.
Now knowing myself, I have to stay away from driving anywhere.....which means that when I get off work, Im going home. If I go out and about I will be SOOOO tempted to stop and get a pack. I dont know what the heck Im going to do tomorrow when I drive to my GF's house about 45 minutes away for a party. That is going to be the true test. I can not picture myself in my car without lighting up. Im not sure I can do this, I really am not sure that I can. But......Im trying at least right? Wish me luck!
Here is a poem that one of my new pals over at SNR wrote to me today out on the MB....and I just thought it was so sweet that I had to post it here on my blog: Thanks Thena!

It's hard to quit smoking
But I know I must try,
For I want to live a long time
And don't want to die.
For smoking can sometimes
Take the smoker away
From those who love them
And want them to stay.
I will find the strength
If not for me alone
For those who I love
And are with me at home.
I will quit for my kids
And all my family I adore
And I will stick to it this time
Though I have not before.
I will quit for the grandkids
That will be mine someday
For I want to see them born
And be with them as they play.
I will quit for my heart
And my lungs and teeth
And to avoid the smoke
That encircles like a wreath.
Inspiration is coming to me-
It flows and it trinkles
And I know I must quit
To avoid getting WRINKLES!



Lisa said...

Carla, I'm so proud of you! I know this won't be easy for you. I'll be here to listen if you ever need a shoulder. (((( hugs ))))

{monica} said...

You can totally do this! As an ex-smoker, I can tell you it won't be easy but every day DOES get better...I promise! Great decision you're making!

Debbi T said...

Way to go, Carla! You can do it!

daizie said...

you can do it Carla!! {{hug}} big hugs to you!!

Heredia Family/Yvie said...

You can do this! You are a stronger woman!!! {HUGS}

theartsymom said...

Good luck!

Get lots of gum- :)

MOM said...

Hey, I love that poem. You need to keep reading it over and over. Do it for my great grandchildren, ok!!!!!! love & hugs, your mom

Cathy said...

Mrs. Willis came out of the closet!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!

Hi Sharron!!!!

I'm banking on ya this time girl!!!

Do it, do it, do it!!!

Fingers crossed for you my BFF!

Linda said...

Carla, I am so proud of you!!! You can do this!!! I am almost at my 2 year anniversary from quitting! It will get easier!! Just holler if you need a friend.....

Cricket said...

YOU GO GIRL!! You can so do this...and I know cause I speak from experience!! it might not feel like it at first but if you take it just one day, heck, one hour at a time, you will do this!!

Just keep thinking about how good you will feel, how awesome it is that you are doing something to keep you healthy!

I'm so proud of you for making the decision to take back your life and I'm here rooting you on every step of the way!!


Lala said...

OOH girl.. you can do it! The patch will help! my sister used it to help her quit and she has been smoke free 15 months!!! We are totally here for you for support!


-leafa mcbirdie said...

I'm in your corner rooting for you! Seriously, if you need moral support, I'm here for ya!

Big loves, <3 <3 <3

Michelle said...

YOU CAN DO THIS! I can't believe how quick Thena came up with that poem..I love it!

Marci Knecht said...

Great decision Carla! You can do it - I've been "smoke free" for 9.5 years and if I could do it, you can. Good Luck!

Edleen said...

Cheers Carla! you WILL make it!

Happy Mother's Day!
hope you had a lovely time with your kids and enjoy the week ahead :)

Irene aka scrapperlicious said...

Carla, more support coming your way!! WTG gal!! Hugs!

Wati said...

sorry babe..just read this post...all the best to you...i know you can do it! my DH stop smoking for the past year...and he is enjoying life...*hugz* for you!!