Monday, June 30, 2008

Glad to meet you Cherie

Well I didnt take many pictures on saturday of my crop in Waterford WI with scrapfreak girls...I wish I had taken more...but I was too busy chatting and scrapping. Im so glad that I went, Im so glad that I got to meet all these wonderful woman that I chat with almost on a daily basis on the scrapfreak MB....everyone is so friendly and nice....and they welcomed me when I joined in Nov to their web site, and they welcomed me with open arms to their crop......
Cherie and I chat during the day at work alot...and Im so glad that I finally got to meet her. Because we talk so much it was so nice to finlly meet her face to face! Here is a picture of her and I.

And OMG can I tell you SLUSH is just hilarious! LOVE YOU GIRL.......DUDE.....SERIOUSLY.....I LOVE YOU!
She says Dude and Seriously alot. Cathy gave her two t-shirts this weekend with the word DUDE in was totally funny!

Sara, can I just say is the biggest sweet heart? I knew she was from being on the MB with her, but in real life it really shows...and she is a total goof ball everything about her!

Now here is my BFF Cathy hard at work. She really rocked some nice pages out over the weekend along with an acrylic ablum......she was in the ZONE thats for sure.

I wish I had more pictures to share of all the awesome girls that were there. Tamara was awesome to put this retreat on, we all waited for a good couple of months to finally be able to go and scrap and have a great time. Thanks Tamara for making it so memorable for all of us....Oh and thanks for the German Chocolate too!
Im going to have to get someone to send me pictures that they took.....or go to the photobucket account that was set up after the scrap and see if I can load them to my account...One way or the other I certainly want to get the group picture...if I can I will post that tomorrow because we all had a great time!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bisous Bzoo Sync

Here is my latest project that took me over a week to complete, working on it a little here and a little there.

Check out their web site:

This is one of their paper lines, its called SYNC. The mini album that I used is a 7 gypsies album. Obviously there are other embellishments that I used such as chipboard, prima flowers, prima say it in crystals, ribbon, buttons, doodlebug jewels, rub ons and others.
I love BISOUS BZOO Pretty DARN QUICK paper lines. They are so can leave them as is, both sides are printed with awesome designs, or you can cut them up and use them as you wish. I cut alot of the patterns out for this book. Some of the designs that I cut out I mounted my own way on bazzil card stock. But then there are other pages where I just left the PP design alone and mounted them on the 7 gypsies album.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Totally Awesome Dude

Here is my second lay out for the LSS Dt assignment using the same PP line, the DUDE collection by Prima.
I also used the Prima felt and added brads and fiber to give it a little pop.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Business Card Holder

Ok, here is a business card holder that I made for my mom for the FARMERS MARKET that she does in the summer time. A post or two below is the pricing signs that I made for her, and thought it would be cute to make a business card holder too. She LOVES it....and the signs. I was over there today and they really POP in the black stand that she has.......

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

RJ is now officially going to be a high schooler

So last night my baby boy graduated 8th grade. WOW both of my kids are now going to be in high school next year. Sure makes me feel old.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pricing Signs

So, my mom makes really cute purses and she is a total FREAK when it comes to beading and makes amazing stuff. Last summer she signed up for the local farmers market in her town to try and sell some of her stuff and she did pretty well with it. So this Summer she has stepped it up a bit with better ways to display her purses and jewelry. My dad has made her some awesome stands for alot of her stuff, but she wanted some really cute pricing signs. So she turned to me. She doesnt have time to do this type of stuff because she is busy making purses and jewelry...LOL
No problem, those that know me know that I like to be creative. So off to brain storm on what I was going to do, I had no idea. But......looking at HL's sale add inspired me to go check out their unfinished wood section to see what I could find, and I found something that would work. So I came home and started looking through scraps of paper and low and behold here is the Basic Grey two scoops line with plenty of scraps and chipboard and fiber.......I thought it would be a cute line to work with. The stamp on the tag says "Designed By" and she can sign her name. Also, the pricing on the tags are removeable with removeable glue dots. So she can always change the prices.
Oh......and when I was in HL in the unfinished wood section I bought something that I am going to alter for myself that is gonna be so cool! Cant wait to start working on it.....will be something new for me.....LOL

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's a teen thing

Heres my first lay out for my DT at my LSS....
I used the Prima Dude Collection that I showed you in the previous post. I still have another page to do but this is the first one for my LSS.

I also geared this towards the June Prima Build a page contest, figuring why not kill two birds with one stone and enter this in their monthly contest as well. I needed something to give me a jumpt start anyways, Im out of my comfort zone trying to do a ROCKIN boy page. Most of you know that my pages are mainly about Mariah and very girly. So Im glad that Im able to work with this line.....LOL

Dont get me wrong I do pages of RJ too, just not as much...I know shame on me. Hey Im trying to change it up though.......

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Whooo Hoooo I get to share news!

I am now officially a design team member of my local scrap book store. I just picked up my first assignment yesterday and can I tell you that I can't wait to play with these goodies...ALL PRIMA. And the best part about it, I got to pick it all out. So for those of you that know my scrap booking style, I focus more on girl pages.....but I do have a with this Prima line called The Dude Collection I can't wait to rock a couple of pages out of RJ. Check out Hannahs blog when you get a chance:
Im sharing a picture of my goodies too!

Oh and in other news: You all know that Im part of the SNR Ezine magazine right? Well I just took on the job of Advertising Manager as well. What does this mean? Well I will be in contact with alot of manufacturers working with them to get ad space on the magazine and possible product for SNR Staff to play with and review. This is going to be a big challange for me since I have never done anything like this before, but Caitlin the owner is just simply wonderful to work with and has given me all the info that I need to get started. So wish me luck!