Monday, June 30, 2008

Glad to meet you Cherie

Well I didnt take many pictures on saturday of my crop in Waterford WI with scrapfreak girls...I wish I had taken more...but I was too busy chatting and scrapping. Im so glad that I went, Im so glad that I got to meet all these wonderful woman that I chat with almost on a daily basis on the scrapfreak MB....everyone is so friendly and nice....and they welcomed me when I joined in Nov to their web site, and they welcomed me with open arms to their crop......
Cherie and I chat during the day at work alot...and Im so glad that I finally got to meet her. Because we talk so much it was so nice to finlly meet her face to face! Here is a picture of her and I.

And OMG can I tell you SLUSH is just hilarious! LOVE YOU GIRL.......DUDE.....SERIOUSLY.....I LOVE YOU!
She says Dude and Seriously alot. Cathy gave her two t-shirts this weekend with the word DUDE in was totally funny!

Sara, can I just say is the biggest sweet heart? I knew she was from being on the MB with her, but in real life it really shows...and she is a total goof ball everything about her!

Now here is my BFF Cathy hard at work. She really rocked some nice pages out over the weekend along with an acrylic ablum......she was in the ZONE thats for sure.

I wish I had more pictures to share of all the awesome girls that were there. Tamara was awesome to put this retreat on, we all waited for a good couple of months to finally be able to go and scrap and have a great time. Thanks Tamara for making it so memorable for all of us....Oh and thanks for the German Chocolate too!
Im going to have to get someone to send me pictures that they took.....or go to the photobucket account that was set up after the scrap and see if I can load them to my account...One way or the other I certainly want to get the group picture...if I can I will post that tomorrow because we all had a great time!


Cathy said...

It was nice meeting you Carla!!!


La- said...

I am Jealous that you all got to hang out and I couldn't go!!! :(


{monica} said...

I'm so glad you had a good time...I really enjoyed meeting you!

Linda said...

Awwww... I am just too jealous!!! I really wanna meet ya girl!!!

Stephanie (RatherBScrappin) said...

It was so great that you came for the day! I was so glad that I got to meet you and we found out we have something in common besides scrapping :D I'm looking forward to the next time I see you!