Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The wedding 9-13-08

Just a quick picture of me and the bride and Mariah at the wedding that we attended on Saturday 9-13-08. It was a beautiful wedding. The bride of course had a beautiful dress on......and we had a really good time.
Funny story, the top that I had on, and you can't tell from the picture is very very glittery. When I bought it I was told that I could spray it with hair spray to prevent the glitter from coming off. In the dressing room when I tried it on there was glitter all over the place.
Well I took it home, and right before I got dressed I sprayed it with hair spray. Don't ever let anyone tell you that that actually works.....LOL
I had glitter all over me, all over Mariah, all over my car, all over the pew at church, all over the chair I sat in at the reception and ALL OVER EVERYONE THAT I WAS IN CONTACT WITH. Yes the wedding was very sparkly thanks to me....LOL


Marci Knecht said...

oh well, small sacrifice because its a beautiful top and you looked gorgeous ;)

Cricket said...

LOL! That top looks fabulous, even if you sparkled everyone!! Great pic!


Andrea said...

You and your daughter (and the stunning bride) all look very beautiful....even if you did leave your "mark" everywhere you went!!!


{monica} said...

You look great! Cracking up over your trail of glitter. lol

Edleen said...

Beautiful bride and Beautiful you and Mariah too. you added so much sparkle that day i'm sure! :)

Jules said...

YOu looked divine! And I love glittery!