Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update on Hospital situation

I woke up this morning and the arm where all of the IV injections, blood transfusion, iron injections and fluids were given was all swollen and hard and hurt like heck......I kept thinking...OK well just deal with it, you go to the Hospital Monday morning.....let them look at it then.
My mother on the other hand talked me into going to the emergancy room again. So I did.
Well apparently its a good thing that I went, at least that's what the nurse told me in the ER......I have what they call:

Phlebeitis. explanation on the paper work that I got says:
Veins bring blood from your legs and arms back to your heart. When the vein wall is injured or the blood moves too slowly inside the vein, the vein can get irritated.
I have to take an antibiotic and put warm compresses on it. Its really really swollen and sore......I can hardly move my arm.....but once again I will be back on the road to recovery Hopefully.

Tomorrow in the AM I am going back to the hospital for surgery to get a PICC LINE inserted in my body so that I can start my IRON injections...YIPEE....yet another trip to the hospital......!!!!!

Oh well....gotta take care of myself right?

Ok well I will update tomorrow with some pretty funny pictures of our families Thanksgiving that we had this past weekend, so stay tuned!


Tracy Lathrop said...

I am glad they have things all sorted out now but man Girl!! Hospitals are no fun! Thinking of you and praying hard!!

iris said...

OMG! Carla I am sorry you had to go through this. Hope you get better real soon.