Friday, December 19, 2008


Well we are in a winter snow storm right now. It started sometime last night, and when I got up this morning it was just miserable out there. My parents and my kids were still all snuggled in bed, while I showered, made coffee and got ready to go out and clear my car off.
That was not fun. You see, normally I have RJ go outside, clear my car off and start it for me. This morning however they did not have school and there was no need for them to be up, so it was up to me. When I peeped out the window all I could see was big drifts of snow, and the recycling bins turned over and in the middle of the driveway for me to pick up. URGH. This was not going to be fun. Well I decided that I would not do my hair until I was done shoveling myself out, so I put my coat, and gloves on and wished that I had some snow boots.
I went outside and it was very very windy and I was walking in snow drifts that were up to my calves. I got in the car and started it and grabbed my snow scraper. I walked down to the end of the drive way and picked up the recycling tubs and put them back on the curb. I then trudged back to my car and started brushing off the was it heavy.
By the time I got most of the snow off the car and got back in the house I was soaked. My hair, my feet, my gloves, my coat......I was covered in snow.
I took everything off and headed to the bathroom to dry my hair once again.
I was not looking forward to the drive into work, and Im only 10 minutes away. I left at 6:30, knowing it would be a slow drive.....and man was I right...slow....but I made it here by 7:00 which is my starting time. The roads were not good, but you just have to go slow and be careful.
It is now a little after 9:00 am and the snow is still coming down strong. Wonder how much we will have when this is all over?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SNR Play time at the pole.

SNR web site

Playtime at the Pole Press Release

You’re invited to our Playtime at the Pole All-Day Christmas Crop as we celebrate Christmas with a full day of fun. This Saturday, December 13, 2008, we’ll be headed to the Pole . . . the North Pole, that is.

We have a full day of activities planned, including plenty of games, challenges, fun and a whole lot of prizes! We’ll be spending the day helping Santa and all his elves prepare for Christmas and we’ll have a great time doing it, too. So make plans to join us this Saturday, December 13, 2008 in the Scrapbook News & Review Forums. It’s going to be a great day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Imagine

This is a lay out that I did of Mariah. I thought this picture was cute, it was one that she took and photo shopped herself. She was on a TAG Football team for her school and they dressed in black and pink. Im still trying to figure out what I want to write in the hournaling box that say's just imagine....will have to be something about her graduating from high school and going on to college, but I havent figured it out yet.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brown Eyed Girl

Here is a lay out that I just did of my DD over the weekend. This is the My Minds Eye Laundry Line along with some Prima flowers and Maya Rd chip board letters.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

White elephant gift exchange

So me and some of my girlfriends do a white elephant gift exchange every year. Last year and this year we did a brunch with memosas...and lots of good food. Here are some pictures of our day yesterday. We had a nice time.
This was a very yummy egg bake that my girlfriend Heather made.

And this is the yummy bacon that her sister Jerilyn fried up for us.

This is french toast. This is a recipe that my dad does every year Christmas morning. (SHHHHH! I CANT SHARE....he told me its a secret.

And these are some yummy fried potatoes that Jerilyn did as well.

And here is a half empty glass of memosa's.

Here are a few pictures of us by the tree with our white elephant gifts.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas cone

Hello everyone......
Well this is the last Challenge that I did for:

I used a full clear sheet and I made a Christmas cone with it. This cone can be hung on the wall and flowers added to it, or set on the table with napkins in it, or put candy in it for a gift for someone. The possibilities are endless.
I used Tim holtz alcohol inks on the clear sheet to see what kind of affect I could get. I used a turquiose color and a metalic silver and I love the way that it turned out.
I then folded it into a cone shape and added ribbon and took a Christmas pick apart and used it to decorate.
This was so easy to do, and with all of the colors of alcohol inks, you could make any color that you wanted to go with your home decor.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek...wish me LUCK!

Monday, December 1, 2008

WOW...DEC 1st already?

I can not beleive that this year has gone by as fast as it has, and here we are DEC 1st, almost to the end of the year and starting 2009.
We had a nice Thanksgiving at my girlfriend Cathy's house with 17 or so other people. LOTS AND LOTS of food, and it was all very good. She did a great job hosting it and I'm Thankful that we were invited.
We brought some left overs home, but with my kids....left overs dont last, especially my boy, and especially anything SWEET.....forget it...its GONE.
Other then that I spend a pretty quiet weekend. With the exception of being on the phone with Dell Sunday because there is something wrong with my lap top. They think the video card is not good and a technician will be calling me to set up an appointment to come and replace it.
Other then that, nothing much going on in my world....