Monday, December 1, 2008

WOW...DEC 1st already?

I can not beleive that this year has gone by as fast as it has, and here we are DEC 1st, almost to the end of the year and starting 2009.
We had a nice Thanksgiving at my girlfriend Cathy's house with 17 or so other people. LOTS AND LOTS of food, and it was all very good. She did a great job hosting it and I'm Thankful that we were invited.
We brought some left overs home, but with my kids....left overs dont last, especially my boy, and especially anything SWEET.....forget it...its GONE.
Other then that I spend a pretty quiet weekend. With the exception of being on the phone with Dell Sunday because there is something wrong with my lap top. They think the video card is not good and a technician will be calling me to set up an appointment to come and replace it.
Other then that, nothing much going on in my world....


Marci Knecht said...

I'm glad that you had a great thanksgiving. Nothing going on is a GOOD thing - LOL. Its nice to have nothing going on once in awhile. ;)

Glenda T. said...

Hey Carla! I so know what you mean about having poopy weekends girl! Hey, I have 2 teens, which are usually the cause of my poopy weekends!! grrrr.... Glad you had a great meal with lots of people though!

Edleen said...

Carla! how nice having Thanksgiving with girlfriends! what'd you eat? ;)

yes..time really flies yeah! have a Happy December!

patri oliveira said...

Hey, Carla! How are you?
Time flies!!!


Cricket said...

hope the puter gets fixed for you soon Carla!

It is crazy how fast this year has gone...we'll be saying 2009 before you know it!!