Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have been a bad bad blogger. But one of the reasons for that is because I really have nothing NEW to show with scrap book pages.....I haven't scrapped in....well let's see.....oh probably almost 2 months now. Just in a funk. I know some of you have heard about it already, I seriously think it's the winter blues. I just have no interest in creating right now. Wish I knew what to do to get myself back into the groove.
I also had computer problems at home with my lap top. But that is now fixed and I'm back on line.
So....with that being said...I think Im going to go blog hop and see what everyone else is up to!


La- said...

AH! I know the feeling well. This weekend was the first time I scrapped or created in ages! I hate the winter blues!


Cricket said...

Glad you got your puter back up and running Carla!

I know how easy it is to have the winter's hoping you can find some mojo and toss those blues to the side!


Chris said...

glad you are ok! was a little worried :D

Hope you get your mojo back soon!

KateB said...

that happens to me sometimes too-just happened in like Nov & have to find a new site or that's interesting and that's usually what works for me!

Kate-newbie coming over and checking blogs from scrapfreak :)