Friday, April 10, 2009

Prom dress shopping

So this is my first expiernce as a parent to have to help her daughter shop for a dress, see the expense of all of this and try to figure out how its all going to be paid for. Man.....well thank goodness she works and is pitching in. We spend two entire nights at the same mall looking for a dress. The first night was real frustrating and after about 20 dresses being tried on, she was upset. Shes a tall girl and it was hard to find something long enough. The second night at the same mall we went to one of the same stores and looked more and took our time. I was the one that picked this dress up. She kind of made a face at first because of the little bit of gathering in the front, and I told never know until you try it on...right? Well she fell in love with it.
So here is.