Monday, January 11, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge Blog

I did this page for the Dirty Scraps Challenge.
This is all about what one of my PEEVES is and what a Positive spin would be on the Peeve.
My journaling reads:

My 18 year old daugther thinking that she knows more then me. It doesn't matter how many times I give her my opinion about something, she is going to do the opposite. I know this from a recent expierence. She has gotten a couple of tattoos which I am totally not against, one on her back and one on the back of her neck. When she informed me that she wanted one on her wrist I tried to discourage this. Oh child of mine, you will regret that one day. You want to go to college and be a teacher one day, why would you want to put some stupid stars on your wrist that have no signifigance what so ever? What is the purpose of that? Not to mention that she is not going back to the same place that she got the first two tattoos, she is going to some random stranger to save a few extra bucks. Some girls that she works with went to this guy who works out of his house, and she was impressed with his work. I told her that she should really go back to the place that she has gone to before because she knows they will do a good job, but she wouldn't listen to me. So off she went.
Well guess what? She came home in tears. This guy did not do a good job on the stars on her wrist and messed one of them up. She was so upset. But being a mom I had to try and console her and not rub it in her face that "I TOLD YOU SO"

My Positive:
I know I have raised a good daughter. I know that she does well in school, stays out of trouble for the most part, and will be one of the first in our family to attend college. So I am proud of her. I know how I was at this age and even when I was 16 and 17, I was a nightmare for my parents for alot of things that I pulled as a teenager. So for Mariah to not listen to some of the things that I try to give her advise about, especially this whole tattoo thing being one of the worst things that she can do to disappoint me, I really must be thankful for that. I also know that as she gets older one day she will consider taking my advise for once. I remember as I got older I finally started hearing what my mother had to say. One day she will grow up. This is a fact, because I did.


Pinky said...

what a fantastic page! I totally get that too!!!!!! Great job Carla, thanks for playing along!

Sandi said...

Great page! I can relate. My 23 year old recently got a sleeve. Seriously cutting down on his employment options...but hey, it is an awesome tattoo! Sorry your daughter had a bad experience. Great that you put a positive spin on it.

Mandee said...

Love the layout and the peeve behind it. I'm so going to be there in a few years having three daughters of my own. I'll probably look you up for some advice!

Donna said...

What a great page! I LOVE this. amazing!

Carla said...

I have a tattoo that I regret. So I can completely relate there. As for them not listening and doing opposite. They have to spread their wings but one day they will realize that we were right all along! I am waiting for that day to come :)

Katie said...

I totally love how this came out! LOVE< LOVE<LOVE it! The journaling is so honest & the page is just wonderful!

Aeify said...

Bet she listens even earlier LOL...I have one tattoo myself and can't imagine trying to save money on that. Bless her...just goes to show Mother knows best!

ascrappersdream said...

kids! love the page!

Ziggyeor said...

eek! If I had a tat I'd want it where I can see it but not on my wrist and not saving money! I love the papers you use on this and how you used the file folder to hold the journaling.

Lynn said...

Great layout!!
I'm sure I'll love working with you!!
I've just added your url to my blog! :)
-Lynn from Dirty scraps TEAM RAW

~EssenseVibez~ said...

hey Carla ---so nice to meet you--i can honestly say that layout is wunderful---i look forward to working with you as well--we are the DIRTIEST GIRLS and we represent!---LOL--remain blessed!!!

Glenda T. said...

Oh how I can relate to this one Carla!!!! My DD is 15 1/2 and knows EVERYTHING whereas I know NOTHING. It drives me crazy but it's like you say, we can only be there when they fall and hopefully help pick them up!! Great layout and I'm off to check out this new site and congrats!!!

patri oliveira said...

What a wonderful page, Carla!!
How are u?

My mother is in hospital and still we are all concerned with her.
I hope everything is ok there!


Monica Downing aka Madzie said...

This is such a great page. Tattoo's are an issue with one of my teen's too, and the "I know everything" hits home here with my 16 year old big time.
I love this page.
Thanks for the inspiration.