Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #3

Team RAW is up, and its time for that Challenge #3, go check out Dirty Scraps blog by clicking on the Dirty Scraps blinky. I love love love that I am a DT member for this sight, it really inspires me to dig deep and get journaling done on lay outs that I thought I would never ever do. I lost sight of the journaling aspect of scrap booking awhile ago, I just wanted to CREATE and make everything pretty like every one else was doing. But guess what, where are the memories that I want to preserve that I want my kids children to look back on? And Im not talking about ALL GOOD either. This is life, these are things that happen to us, these are things that I want my grandkids to know about. And yeh, there are going to be some ugly times, why cant we have those memories too? So this challenge was based on the word BROKEN.
This week's challenge will encourage you to really dig deep...
Challenge #3
Broken, that's the key word for this week...
we all have broken relationships, whether it be an ex boyfriend, an ex husband/wife, a broken relationship with a friend, or even God.
So this week's challenge is to scrap a broken relationship.
Heck you could have broken off your relationship with cigarettes, or Dr. Pepper! LOL
Make the challenge work for YOU, after all its' YOUR book and YOUR page, just get down and deep or have fun and make it light~



MaRLeNeF said...

Love your LO Carla, I can so relate :) Hugs, Marlene

AmesOx said...

Carla - your LO is amazing and I totally applaud your willingness to scrap about the realness of life. I also completely understand about trying to scrap pretty....I got stuck in that place as well. And finally when I just stopped trying to scrap the pretty LO's is when I truly found my own scrap-style.