Friday, March 26, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #6

You need to go over to the Dirty Scraps blog and check out challenge # 6!

I know we all have those moments when we say
"Man I was totally wrong what was I thinking??" or "Where was my head??"
It is always a good thing to look back...reflect
on a mistake or lesson learned and remember how we got here in life
and how that mistake or lesson helped us move along.
After all what good are mistakes if we do not learn from them?
So this week's challenge is to scrap one of those DOH! moments!
It does not have to be negative,
it can be a positive outcome, or great lesson learned...
Now go get DIRTY!!!!!

Team Dirty did an awesome job with the lay outs for this challenge and we are here to inspire you to jump in and get Dirty with us. Check it out!

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