Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's hard to believe

How big my girls have gotten. I just still remember getting them in OCT and how tiny they were, i could carry both of them around in both of my arms for the longest time, especially as sick as little Mia was and not gaining weight but loosing weight everytime I turned around and took her to the vet. But as you can see they are both nice and big and Healthy now. They wont be a year old until 8-4-10, so they still have a few months before they are a full year old. Im sure that they still have alot of growing yet to do too.


Donna said...

They are so cute
Carla...they make me ALMOST want another dog!

sarah said...

they are too cute! and they have grown so big! i remember when you were posting puppy pics of them over at SF.