Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #7

Save the Drama for yo' Momma!

We challenge you this week to scrap a Dramatic Moment!
Whether you are a drama mama and love it or you hate drama and just want it to go away, scrap a dramatic moment or scrap how you feel about drama!
Make it your page and make it the way you want it!
Scrap it dirty!!

This challenge is SPONSORED, we have a PRIZE and details will be posted later.

This was a great challenge for me to work with because there was one long stretch of my life that was nothing but DRAMA with a friend, a friend that had a great heart, and I loved her to death but I could only take so much. Here is my lay out and my journaling:

Here is the journaling:
I couldn't deal with the drama anymore.
I couldn't deal with the constant
neediness from you. I had a husband
and 2 small children to take care of. But
it seemed like you always thought that
you needed me more then they did.
You always asked too much of me,
and I did my best to be there for you.
But there comes a time when enough
is enough. And as you stated, we had
our last Supper together. Things
could have been fine after that talk, but
you continued to be the dramatic person
that you always were, you never made
an effort to change and I had to remove
the drama from my life. I will always
remember you, but it will only be a
memory, there is no more room for
a friendship that was always about
DRAMA. Have a good life.

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Katie said...

Your blog looks fab!!!
You know I just love this layout! So many pretty things to take in, but with such meaningful journaling.