Thursday, June 17, 2010

New obsession

I have been on a roll making fabric flowers. There was a link on PAGES In TIME where someone showed us how to make these flowers. I just thought that they were so cute and there are so many endless possibilities with these that I had to give them a try. Lets see, attached them to hair clips or head bands. How about adding a pin to the back so that you can out one in a t-shirt or a purse. Cute right? I went to Joanne Fabrics to see what I could get CHEAP. I didn't want to buy a whole bunch of material because I wasn't sure how these would turn out. So I hit the clearance section and found several colors that I knew that I could play around with. Now the fabric is tricky, since I do not know a whole lot about WHAT kind of fabric to use, I just kind of thought to myself...silky. There was alot of Polyester mixes so I just got what I could get my hands on. And my mom is a beader, so I went over to her house and scored some beads in the colors of material that I picked. Here are a few that I have made.


Diane said...

Carla! Those are super cute! love them!

Edleen said...

ohh Carla, they're really lovely!